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Wireless Remote Controls
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Radio Remote Controls

We provide remote and cabled crane controls which are ideal for industrial cranes and machinery applications in terms of capabilities and cost/performance ratio.
Wireless Remote Controls

Overhead Crane Controls

We provide remote crane controls of 6,8 and 10 buttoned; single and dual speed series. Our systems with analogue input/output modules enable Canbus/Probibus or RS-232 communications according to the system.

With the display models, you can see the load weigh on the transmitter display by entering the analogue data from load sensor to the receiver and 1st WARNING and 2nd STOP outputs can be adjusted to desired values. This feature enables labour safety and more secure working environments.

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CRH Series

Industrial crane controls are used in many areas mainly the overhead cranes and machineries. Our industrial control system is composed of two main components as receiver and transmitter with a working range of 100-150 metres.

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