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Inverters for Cranes

Model i500 is a new series of inverters within a capacity of 0,25 to 132kw. Manufactured for though working conditions, its modular design and being user friendly are model i500’s distinctive properties.
i500 is a high-quality inverter compatible with efficiency standards of the future with EN 50598-2. It is mainly designed for though environment machinery applications but peculiarly for crane hook applications and it ensures long-term safe performance.


Lenze i500 Inverters

Compact Dimensions: 2,36 inches (60 mm) width, 5,32 inches (130 mm) depth.

Performance Data:

  • Line voltage: 1-ph AC 230 V, 0, 33 to 3,0 Hp (0,25 to 2,2 kW)
  • Line voltage: 1/3-ph AC 230 V, 0, 33 to ,4 Hp (0,25 to 5,5 kW)
  • Line voltage: 3-ph 400 to 480 V, 0, 50 to 175 Hp (0,37 to 132 kW)

Integrated Functions:

  • V / f control
  • Brake Energy Management
  • Energy Save Function “VFC eco”
  • Through I-WLAN modular detection and thanks to innovative capabilities ultra-short start-up times.
  • Communication: CANopen, EtherCAT, EtherNET / IP, ModbusTCP / IP, POWERLINK, PROFIBUS, PROFINET


  • CE, UL, CSA, EAC, RoHS2, IE2 – EN 50598-2
  • Highest efficiency standards for inverters from IE2 to EN50598-2
  • Safety Technology: Putting of torque of the engine safely / Safe Torque Off (STO)

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