What do we do?

Cerestech provides crane solution services


Crane scales ranging from 0,05tonnes to 200tonnes

Crane Conrtrolles

Remote and cabled crane controls


Ranging from 40A to 200A with 4-6P options


Manual and electric chain cranes and accessories

Why Cerestech?

Please contact us to learn how our innovation helps matching up with enterprise and producers’ expectations

Flexible Solutions

Requirement-based research&development actions

Professional Backup

Immediate action with experienced staff

Transparent Service

Explicit info on tenders and technical support

High Performance

New age products compatible with developing technologies


Radio Control Systems

We provide remote and cabled crane controls which are ideal for industrial cranes and machinery applications in terms of capabilities and cost/performance ratio.


Meet the revolution of innovation to cope tomorrow’s hinders

We put constant effort on enhancing our customer’s opinions on our products and interaction
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Smart Controls

We produce the smartest crane controls in Turkey

All our products are designed with our experience of more than 20 years in the market with qualifications and quality to match up with the needs of our customers

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