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All our products are designed to fulfil customers’ needs in capability and quality with our experience of 20 years of experience in the market.



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Our company’s chronology of dynamics and investments for the future

2016 Our Company Establishes

We started to sell crane controls under the name of Ceres Control Systems.

2017 Our 500th Order

We were able to focus on our customers’ needs more with the 500th order as a milestone.

2018 Our First Manufacture

We produced our first product series CRH-A.

2018 Export

We delivered our first party of product to Central American region.

2019 Our Variety of Products Expends

In addition to remote crane controls we started to manufacture crane scales and energy delivery systems.

2019 Smart Cranes

By the end of 2018 our r&d activities resulted with the launch of Smart Box which is able to communicate with the cranes.

Smart Cranes

Cerestech Crane Solutions

All product research and development operations and customer need-based applications on the products are held by our own experienced staff. The products are first tested and approved on the field then served to the customers.

You will purchase the optimum product with high quality in a reasonable price. Additionally, with our experienced specialist you will have fast and quality aftersales services. You will never encounter with unexpected high expenses.