Rotary Gear Limit Switches

CTS Series Rotary Gear Limit Switches

CTS Series Rotary limit kam switches are used to control the movements of industrial machines. As an auxiliary controller, they control your machines such as contactors or PLCs in combination with a power interface.

Technical Specifications

Insulation Voltage250 ~
Maximum Operating Voltage250 ~
Test Voltage2000 ~
Operating Current10 (3) A
Operating Temperature Range-20 °C +60 °C
Protection ClassIP65 (CEI EN 60529)
Weight300 gr
Cable InputsM16x5r
Mechanical Life2×1000000 Operation
Driver-DrivingEndless Shaft
Bottom Black CaseRuggedized Plastic
Top Yellow CaseThermo-Plastic with High Mechanical and Thermal Resistance
Insulation ClassCEI EN 60947-5-1